10 Ways to Find Time For Self-Care

Hopefully by now you have heard about the importance of self-care. Not only is it good for your physical self, it also helps you stay sane. We wear many hats and are constantly on the go. You may be working, going to school, running a business and a household with children. That is a lot! Trust me, I am building a business through this blog, running my home, taking care of 4 children, school, work, and all the other worries of adulthood.

With that being said, it can be a struggle to find time for yourself and practice self-care. There are only 24 hours in a day and 8 of them you should be sleep. It requires balance between your many jobs as a mom and your need for fulfillment as a woman. Do not lose yourself trying to be perfect for everybody else.

We need time to ourselves to de-stress and work on our mental and emotional health. Sometimes the chatter from everybody else can block out the voice inside our head that is meant to keep us on track. The voice that is telling us to love ourselves and that we are doing a damn good job. So, make sure you take time out your busy schedule to quiet down and listen to that voice that is pushing self-care.

Here are 10 ways to find time for self-care.

  1. Meditate in the shower or bath

We all been there where the only time we can steal is when the baby takes a nap and we finally get to bathe. While in there calm your mind and focus on your breathing. This is essentially meditating. I talk about the benefits of meditation here.



  1. Create a routine

Create a routine for the family to follow. In this routine set aside time either in the morning before the family wakes up or at bedtime for your self-care. A routine keeps everyone on the same pace. Once the children are fed and settled, you should be able to sneak moments for yourself.


  1. Set an Earlier Bedtime for Your Children

Dinner is done. Everyone is bathed. It is time to go to bed. My children are in bed at 9:30 on the regular, sometimes later if they took a late nap, but not past 11 p.m. This is because I am home with them ALL day. I need me time besides when I sleep because when I wake up it starts all over again. That time at night allows me to talk, watch TV, or have a drink to unwind.



  1. Find activities that will keep the Children busy longer

Some examples are an appropriate movie/tv show, a water table, cards, even bubbles. These things have made my children happy and entertained for a couple hours. In that time I read a book or work on my blog/website.Visit Very Well Family for a list of indoor activities for children. 


  1. Give Snacks

A fed baby is a happy baby. Usually during snack time, I can get a couple things done or just sit back and watch what I want to watch. No more PJ Masks LOL.


  1. Go Grocery Shopping but Leave the Kids Behind

This may seem harsh but hey they are a big distraction. A 30-minute trip gets drawn out 2-3 hours when they come along. They fight and try to venture out and can cause stress. I know not everyone has someone at home but if you do leave and do not look back.



  1. Ask Dad to watch them while you have me time

If you have your partner in the household or involved day to day, ask to trade off duties. He can watch the children while you take a relaxing bath, get your hair done, or take a nap. Great self-care ideas.


  1. Get a babysitter

In this pandemic, it may be a little harder to find a babysitter but if you can I highly recommend it. A babysitter to me isn’t just a stranger you hire. A babysitter could also be a family member or friend. Whomever you are comfortable with and trust to take care of your babies so you can enjoy being alone or a date night.


  1. Sleep when they sleep

Ever heard “sleep when the baby sleeps”? I learned the hard way this advice is facts. Parenting is draining, let us be honest. You may be up in the middle of the night, then up all day; you will be tired. So even when you make it out the baby stage, children should still take a nap. If a nap cannot be achieved at the very least enforce quiet time with a movie or a book. During nap or quiet time get you some sleep as well. Sleep is very important self-care as it recharges you physically and mentally.



  1. Have downtime during bath time

Usually bath time is a fun experience for them. So, during this time read a book, read your messages/notifications, or watch your favorite video. Let the children safely enjoy playing and splashing in the tub while you do you.


Have you tried any of these 10 ways to find time for self-care? What is another way you find time for self-care? With these tips you get some much needed time for yourself this week.

As always,

Be You Confidently




  • This is a great post and much needed. So many times we think self care has to last for hours or days; but sometimes even the few minutes we have to ourselves I mother shower is just enough to take a moment to breathe and refocus. Great post!

  • I don’t have little babies yet, but all of these things are still applicable to my current life. When I am at a crossroads about expanding our families, the fear of not being able to care for myself looms because I don’t see how y’all do it! Lol. But this list gives me a better idea and makes the thought a smidge less daunting.

  • Very nice post. Getting some time to yourself is good for your mentally and emotionally. Your family life would be happier too.

  • Love love love, I never thought about leaving kids behind to shopping. This must try. I love have a routine for my family but my husband has hard time with routines and schedule. so im not sure how i can help him with this.

    Thanks again- will love you check out my Blog Healinspace.com – Helping struggling moms create space to heal , with you of creative arts and biblical study.

  • I really enjoyed this post. It gave advice that’s actually accessible. Obviously getting a babysitter is ideal but it’s not possible for everyone. That’s why I loved that you included things like get downtime while the kids take a bath. Multitasking at its finest. Helps us preserve our sanity through self care while taking care of the kids


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