10 Ways to Stay Motivated When Feeling Doubt

This week has been rough. I went from feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world, to tired, depressed, self-doubt, and unmotivated to even get out of bed. Come to find out in my horoscope chart it was meant for me to reevaluate what is important to me. The new moon was in Libra and now there is a moon in Scorpio both causing me to feel things on a deep, intense wavelength. The new moon gives time for reflection, rebirth and transformation. It is time for me to get motivated and get to work-on myself, on my business, and on my transformation. Yet, I still deal with a lot of doubt. Unsure if I can keep up, be consistent. Unsure of the future.

So how can I, and you if you are dealing with the same issue, stay motivated when feeling self-doubt. I did some research and introspective searching and came up with 10 ways that I use to get myself out of a rut. It happens quite frequently and I think it is because of my depression and unresolved issues. So far though I keep getting back up motivated to keep going.



  1. First things first, what is causing you to be unmotivated? What are some setbacks? Examples could be fear, which is mines, lack of money, doubt it will work or lack of clarity. If you can figure out the root then you can find a solution. Think of a plan that works for you and your time and what you can handle without being overwhelmed.


  1. What can you learn from this moment? How can you prevent this from happening again? Figure out how to make a comeback. Plan your next move. You may need time to come to grips with whatever fear or doubt you have.



  1. What feeds your motivation? You need balance and healthy habits to feed your motivation. What are some things you can do or say to keep doubt at bay? For me I came up with a blog schedule, I have been meditating and listening to positive affirmations. You can listen to the same affirmations on YouTube.



  1. Change how you react. Instead of engaging in negative self-talk, write down how you are feeling and why. What doubts are you having? Then tell yourself ways in which you can do it or you will achieve it.



  1. Have faith. Believe in yourself. Everything you need to succeed is within you.


  1. Don’t beat yourself up for getting off track. It happens even to the best most organized people. Be kind to yourself like you would a friend. Tell yourself what you need to hear to be motivated again.



  1. Watch or listen to motivational videos or podcasts. I swear this helps every time. It is like they know just what to say. The universe sends messages to point you in the right direction.



  1. Remember your why. Why did you start? Why will you benefit from following through? What do you need right now to create the life you’ve always dreamed of? Write out your goals big and small. Add in the steps you need to take to.


  1. Journal your thoughts and feelings. Write affirmations to confirm your worth. You are capable.



  1. Meditate or go for a walk to clear your head, relax and re-center. I wrote a post on the benefits of meditation here. Be open to receive. Align your goals with your inner strength. Creativity and clarity will begin to flow and your motivation will increase. The doubt will begin to seem small.



I know it is hard dealing with self-doubt. It leave you feeling unmotivated and wondering when will this cycle end. It can end today with you. Think of the blessings waiting for you. You were put on this Earth with the power to create and destroy. Consciously work to on bringing balance, harmony and peace into every aspect of your life. Not doubt.


As Always,

Be You Confidently

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