3 Steps to Potty Train Your Toddler Fast

Potty training is hard. It takes strong will, patience and determination. There have been many times during potty training my 3 children that I wanted to give up. I mean who wants to constantly clean poop and pee accidents. It is a necessary right of passage and can be conquered within 3-5 days with consistency. 

The way I potty train my children is a little different from others. It’s a 3 step method I use when potty training.

  1. First I do what I like to call the “butt naked” way. Let me explain what that is: instead of using pull-ups, I just let them run around the house naked or with bottoms on but NO pull-up. So far it works.


How is this method better?

The child gets to see what is happening when they pee or poop on themselves. They get to feel how uncomfortable it is. Plus, in my experience they were less likely to just let go. With the pull-up on they still felt it was like a diaper and treated it as such. Once they learned to use the potty more, that is when I would put a pull-up on them when we went out, during naps and at bedtime.


Create a Routine

  1. While potty training in the first 3 days I make them go to the potty every 15 minutes. With my first child, my son, we were not consistent, but he picked it up well. With my second child, a girl, I did what my mom suggested which was for her to sit on the potty every 30 minutes. I realized this was too long and accidents frequently occurred. So, I shortened it to 15 minutes and was able to get into a routine. This daughter was a little more difficult to potty train because she’s more on the quiet type and didn’t mind “sitting in her own stew”. That is why I say you need a lot of patience. We made it through and by my third child, another girl, I had it down pack. With the 15-minute potty training routine she learned a lot quicker how to use the potty. She is also more vocal in telling us when she has to go potty which helps a lot. I would recommend a simple easy to use potty that is comfortable. Amazon has a great one that is fun and easy to use.



  1. Most healthy parents do not LIKE to discipline their children, but it is necessary for order. A child needs to know when they did something wrong so they can correct it. Anytime a child of mine peed on themselves, I showed it to them and reminded them it does not belong on the floor or their clothes, it goes in the potty only. Their feelings may be hurt at first but eventually they will put together that when they have to go, go on the potty.On the other hand make sure to praise your child when they go to the potty. This builds confidence, enjoyment, and will keep your child motivated. 

That’s it. Easy as 1,2,3. Depending on the child if you follow these three steps you should start to see your child transition to using the potty. Accidents will still happen as they develop their bladder and the muscles that control urination and bowel movement. These accidents should get less and less. If not you may want to speak to a Pediatrician. There are a bunch of articles about potty training; I found this article on when and how to potty train very useful. 

Do you have any tips for potty training? Let me know in the comments below.


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  • That was an interesting read. Thanks

    Anitha Dsouza
  • That was a very informative read

    Anitha Dsouza
  • I’m very confused as to what you mean by disciplining your child, in reference to not going potty on the potty. While I thought your other points were great, I don’t understand where you are coming from by saying they need disciplined when not making it to the potty. Do you just mean exactly what followed- that you show them, explain that it goes in the potty only, and then move forward? Maybe it’s just the wording used, I might be misunderstanding!

    Ours got to draw a star, she loved it! We didn’t want to turn it into a junk food/candy each time, but I know that works for some people. But, we also started really early, as my daughter began showing interest in using the potty at 9 months. She began going every morning in the potty at that point and only got better over time.

  • We did a sticker chart and then m&m candies as a reward. Worked well for my daughter. My son is just entering this stage. It’s totally different with him

  • We used Tiny Potty by Andrea Olson. Both my kids don’t like to be prompted so frequently. So we had to toss a prompt. I highly recommend that book if you haven’t heard about it. It involves air lifting them to the potty mid pee/poop during the first three days.

    Oh Crap Potty is also another good one.

    Cynthia @ Cynful Kitchen

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