5 Date Night Ideas at Home

It can be tough finding time for you and your spouse. I gave ideas on self-care in my post here. Now I want to give 5 date night ideas for you and Mister at home. Adding children to the mix can make it even harder. After running after them all day, we both be tired but the will gives us enough energy to stay up and enjoy each other’s company.


“You make time for what you want.”


We are both homebodies but being at home full-time gets to us too. We have to get creative and figure out how to enjoy ourselves, our children and still have solitude. We like our space too haha. We have been fortunate to have family who are willing to watch our children. We have been able to travel, go to the movies, go-karting etc. Staying at home orders forced us to be involved in quality time.



Date Night Idea #1: Cuddle up and watch movies

Take the time to get under a warm blanket, light a candle and watch a good movie or show. We’ve found a few good shows that we have binged on. We conversate and joke around. We lighten the mood and set the mood at the same time.


Date Night Idea #2: Play cards

We like to play Uno and Phase 10. I know you’ll probably revoke my black card but I do not know how to play Spades. I can play a little bit of Bid whist though.


Date Night Idea #3:Play video games drunk

Now this was fun. We would bust out the drinks and play a video game, Mario and Sonic Olympic Games specifically. We loved to play the table tennis. Whoever lost had to take a shot. Of course I always ended up drunk.


Date Night Idea #4: Sit under the Moon

We have sat outside on the swing looking at the night sky and just talked. We would talk about a variety of things, well mostly him would do the talking.



Date Night Idea #5: Indulge in Each Other’s Interests

One night do what he likes to do. The next night do what you like to do. He’s been letting me read his horoscope and pull his tarot card. You never know, you may enjoy it. Shoot, who we kidding what men like is weird.


Spending quality time with your partner is important. Just because you have children and responsibilities doesn’t mean you stop dating each other. Pour into your relationship, communicate and keep the spice hot. I hope these 5 dating ideas for when you’re at home helps. At least let it be a stepping stone to a sex filled evening.


As Always,

Be You Confidently

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  • I love each of these. Playing cards drunk was always fun and silly for me and my ex.

    Karla McCoy

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