5 Ways Having a Positive Mindset Increases Your Confidence

A negative mindset is a tough pill to swallow. It can be hard to admit that you tend to lean toward the negative. I know it is for me. It is known though that the first step to recovery is to admit. In what ways do you let your negative mindset kill your confidence. Did you have a great idea, so big you could burst? Then your mind started thinking of all the ways you would fail. Ways in which you needed to stay small because what would other people say or think. So now you don’t even want to do it anymore or you feel unmotivated. This is how having a negative mindset can kill your confidence. The only way to reverse this is to train your mind to become more positive. Having a positive mindset will have you looking at the possibilities of how things can work, instead of how they will fail. Having a positive mindset increases your confidence and motivation. You start to feel hopeful, and you have faith that things will work out in your favor.



So how do you train your mind to go from a negative mindset to a positive mindset to increase your confidence? Read below to find out.


  1. Get to the Root

Usually when you start to think negatively all the things that could go wrong, it stems from fear. Look within and see if that is true for you. Is something making you uncomfortable? Will the task require more from you than you are use to giving?


  1. Start Your Day on a Positive Frequency

When you first wake up instead of worrying or scrolling social media and falling down a rabbit hole, take some time to grapple your thoughts. What do you need to do today? What do you need to do in order to successfully get things done? How are you feeling? Sit with that and meditate to relax and clear the mind of negative chatter.



  1. Push to Accomplish Your Goal

Have a list of things to-do but do not make it long. This will only overwhelm you and make it easier for you to quit. Quitting feeds your negative mindset. To feed your positive mindset, accomplish your list even if you only complete 2-3 things. The feeling of accomplishment and completion releases feel good hormones called endorphins. If you constantly feel good you will want to keep releasing those hormones.


  1. Set aside time for you

You need time to yourself to recharge. Rest. Then do something you enjoy or find something you can enjoy. The internet is endless. When you feel centered you give out a different type of energy. Others will begin to feel the rays coming from you.

  1. Let Her Know Who’s Boss

You control your emotions and actions. You can choose to be unhappy, negative and self-sabotaging; or you can choose to be happy, charismatic, and positively confident. Enough is enough. When you are fed up you will make a change and tell your mind to shut negativity out.



Change can be scary. Fear causes us to retreat into our shell. Build positivity around your shell so it will give you the confidence to come out again. Take time for yourself to explore your interests. Learn YOU. Create a routine that feeds your soul instead of killing it. You are capable. Everything you need to achieve the life you desire is already within you.


As Always,

Be You Confidently

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