Be Proud of Who I Am


Be Proud of Who I Am



You know, this world is funny. Everybody says we are born with a predetermined destiny, bestowed upon us by God. Yet most of us wander aimlessly through life searching for a purpose. Lost as to which direction to take, for fear of making the wrong choice.

You ultimately see that there’s nothing wrong with making the wrong choice because in the end it will still land you where you are supposed to be.

I didn’t believe I had a purpose. It just seemed so hard to point it out.

Ever since I was a toddler, my mom tells me I was always quiet and reserved. Preferred to play by myself. To this day I am still like that. I find it hard to speak up and sometimes to hold conversations. I’m more comfortable opening up around people I know. So, it’s been hard for me to form friendships.

I know, I know; I can’t be closed in all my life. How will I ever enjoy all life has to offer?

Now that I’m older, I’m 28, and I have children of my own I see the importance of learning adequate social and communication skills. In the world of entrepreneurship these two skills are just as important as creativity and marketing. Why? Because it’s not always what you know but who you know. Since starting my blog and deciding to turn it into a business, I get that statement full circle.

I used to beat myself up, sometimes I still do, for not being outgoing and outspoken like everybody else. It’s like all the ‘cool’ kids were that way and everybody loved them. Now that I’m older I’ve learned to embrace this is who I am. I’m quiet and reserved but I’m also observant and patient. The people who love me, love me the way I am. They know me and say “O that’s Lexi being Lexi” and it’s alright, the world doesn’t end. I come out of my shell when I want to and go back in to recharge.

I’m proud of myself so far. I started this blog The Confident Silhouette and the experience has been an eye opener. I’ve found skills I never thought I had. I’ve found a passion when I thought I was the rare person in the world who didn’t have one. I’m engaging more on social media. I went to a women’s conference and actually got on the mic ah!

The work continues but I can’t always think of what I’m lacking, I got way more to offer. I have daughters now who look up to me as an example, a role model. I have to show them to be comfortable being a quiet girl, but also know when it’s time to speak up and show out. Don’t let life pass you by living in the shadows. Stand out in the sun. Then go back home.

Be Confident.

How do you stand in your truth? Have you done something out of your comfort zone this year? What was it? How did you feel afterwards? Let us know in the comments.


Alexia Johnson

The Confident Silhouette


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