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Self- con·fi·dence | \ ˌself-ˈkän-fə-dən (t) s

Definition: confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “self-confidence”? What POPS UP in your mind? Who do you see? Do you envision a person? Do you see…you?

At the age of 26, I am becoming more and more confident in the skin I’m in. I’m not 100% all the way there yet but I believe I am pretty close. I know it sounds pretty cliché but ultimately your power and abilities depend on you. What are YOU going to let affect your spirit? How will YOU handle your emotions? How do YOU want to respond?

Here are my top 5 SELF CONFIDENCE BOOSTERS I’ve chosen to implement on my journey. 

  1. Social Media Breaks

In 2020, there are thousands of social media stars who set the bar pretty high when it comes down to beauty. A lot of our role models look flawless as we watch them live their everyday lives on Instagram, twitter, and snapchat. Constantly filtering those forms of imagery into our minds can cause us to think we’re not good enough.

“Maybe if I got my lashes done or spent money on expensive hair extensions people would see me as beautiful.”

 That inadvertently puts a lot of pressure on you. Whenever you feel you’re not pretty enough simply disconnect from social media for a week. You will be surprised at how much your self-confidence boosts. 

  1. Self-care Days

This is something I love to do. Sometimes it takes a little work to boost your self-confidence juices up a notch. Search your budget for a few dollars to indulge in you. Go to the nail shop, find you a cute outfit, and eat all your favorite food…ALL… (Jk, Jk lol). If no one else treats you like a Queen, you must fill that void for yourself. Nothing is better than self-confidence matched with independence. You create you. 

  1. Dress up once a week

I know this may seem simple but it can make you more confident almost instantly. If  you work in a workplace that allows you to dress however you like (TASTEFULLY speaking), wake up a little early, take a shower, spend some time getting ready. Present the best you to the world. It will remind you that YOU are in control. You are a BOSS. LIVE LIFE QUEEN!

  1. Prayer

Prayer is essential for peace in my eyes. I encourage you to take a few moments out of the day to speak to God about how you feel, what your thinking, and express your gratitude. Self-confidence is something that can weigh heavily on all aspects of your life. Mind, body, and soul. In order to reduce the weight of negativity, you must turn to thankfulness. In no time you will see that what you think is major, is actually minuscule. You are a beautiful creation and God made you the way he did for a purpose. You are needed. 

  1. Give Yourself Permission

The last and final booster is sure to uplift your spirit. Give yourself permission to be you. There is no time for thinking twice about decisions like “a job versus your passion” and “this outfit they think I should wear versus the one I love”...Give yourself permission to DO YOU BOO! This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life. Life is too short to regret anything. Make sure when you get out of bed in the morning you are putting your best foot forward. It all depends on YOU.

What are your self-confidence boosters? Feel free to comment down below. We’d love to hear them.

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