Getting Over a Depressive Episode

Depression sucks! Lets just say that out loud. Depression sucks!

It's like that annoying ex who still stalks you. Just when things are going good, depression comes through and f*** s*** up. You know what I mean if you've been there. 

It takes a lot of introspection to realize when your going through a depressive episode. Not everyone realizes what is going on. Some people are just flat out in denial. The sooner you're able to realize what is going on the quicker you can implement strategies to help you through it. 

There are many different strategies. One I use that I advocate the most is meditation.



Meditation helps to calm the mind and with positive affirmations can remind you of your self worth and what is going right in your world. It can be easy to forget that which God has blessed you with. When your going through a depressive episode all you feel and see is the negative. It can feel like being in a hole that you can't get out of.



It gets overwhelming. If your support system is shallow, you also feel like "who can I turn too? Who will understand and let me cry on their shoulder, not judge me?" 



This is why finding your tribe is important. You need people who know what your going through who can be your shoulder. I know it's hard to find them especially if your a shy introverted person (like me). My circle is small. Not because I want it to be but because of my insecurities when dealing with others. The only way to get over the fear is to jump into the fear feet first. Go to an event where you have to network, talk to a stranger at your favorite restaurant, or join a sister group online to start with. 

Don't let hopelessness win. You can overcome this valley point in your life. 

Realize that this too shall pass. 

Look at your life and see if there are any triggers around you that need to be removed.

Do you need a reset on your mindset? Let negativity out and positivity in.

Remind yourself of what you should be grateful for. There are things and people we don't have but there is also more that we do have. There is a way to get what you want. 

 I go through my ups and downs as well. My emotions are like the moon, full, waxes and wanes, half sane lol. I realized what was happening and made a conscious effort to stop there and realize I had bigger things to do than just sulk. I'm here for a purpose. I don't have it completely figured out but I'm getting there.  I feel this blog is part of my purpose. Connecting with other women is part of my purpose. Hopefully making an impact on others is my purpose. What ever it is, I know I'm destined to live my best life, and so are you. 


Continue to walk in your purpose. Be Confident. Have peace



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  • This was refreshing to read. You sound just like me. Lately for the past week it has been weighing heavy on me & honestly I’m at a point where I just don’t care for nothing. Trying my hardest to fight it but it’s taxing. I’ll bounce back though

    Azrie'l Johnson

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