How I Knew I Was An Introvert

How did I know I was an introvert? Social media. We’ve all seen those trending posts where they ask “what kind of friend are you?” They even have groups dedicated to introverts which I am a part of and the women in these groups speak my language. They go through a lot of what I go through as far as being an introvert. Before then I just classified myself as shy, which I still am, but when I’m comfortable I am capable of opening up.

I thought I would talk about some of the traits I have that led me to accepting I am an introvert.


Are you someone who drops off the face of the Earth with no warning? People don’t hear from you for weeks and then pop-up like nothing ever happened. Honestly, this is Me. I will drop off the face of the Earth and do not want to talk to anyone. It is not because of bad blood or hurt feelings. I need the time and space to myself. This usually occurs when I feel overwhelmed, burnt out and depressed. I don’t feel like myself.


Short Social Span

I can only be around people for so long before it is time to go. I have been at family functions where it was all good at first, then I get antsy and it is time to make my escape. I start getting irritated with the things people do. I just don’t understand them sometimes. Most of them do not understand me either, so.


Needs My Alone Time

I prefer to be alone 99% of the time. The other 1% I can tolerate. My mom told me I was this way as a little girl. I would interact with other children, but I preferred to play alone and do my own thing. I can see the same behavior as an adult. I am usually ducked off somewhere by myself, observing the scene or working by myself. Every now and then I will pipe up in a conversation of interest to me and then back into my shell I go.


Background Observer

I like to be in the background observing everyone else rather than be in center stage. In my opinion you can learn a lot by listening. I love hearing other people’s stories. Maybe I should start a podcast just for moms to tell their stories. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interesting in hearing or participating in.



I am very insightful and introspective. I go inside my mind a lot, to get to the root of some of my issues. Why do certain things bother me or trigger me? Why am I sensitive to these kinds of words or reactions? Why do I have feelings of envy or worthlessness? These questions plus many others run through my mind a lot. I don’t have all the answers, some I’m still accepting, but I won’t stop till I work through them to become the positive confident woman I am meant to be.


Tell me are you an introvert, extrovert or a mixture of both? As an introvert do you sometimes feel misunderstood or judged?

Either way, 

Be You Confidently


  • After reading all those different characteristics, I can definitely say I’m an extroverted introvert. I chose occupations where I have to deal with a constant flow of new and different people. After my duty is fulfilled, I’m clicking my heels…“there’s no place like home!” It work for me. I’ve made a lot of progress and I don’t stress about being who I am. To anyone affiliated with the Intro-Gang, there is no harm or foul to yourself being this way, until your crying at night wishing you could be different.

    - Peace, Love & Prosperity to you all.

  • It seems like there be sooo many women who introverts I definitely am! Anywhere I go I sit back and observe before I start mingling even at family functions lol I was so happy when I got my own car to allow me freedom to leave WHENEVER, the best feeling haha

    My mom said I didn’t start talking much until I was 3 years old and even still I don’t talk much

    Azriel Johnson
  • All of these traits are me! It’s crazy because people don’t realize I’m an introvert because I tend to come off more extroverted but honestly.. that energy doesn’t last long lol. Within an hour I’m ready to go home, go away, be left alone, just retreat to my own little world until I decide to show my face next week! :D Anyway, love your blog! And I hate social media (Facebook is a tad more doable with the groups) but I do it for my blog. If not for the blog, I wouldn’t care to make myself known. :)


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