Regrets: How many of us have them?

You know I've heard people exclaim: "I have no regrets, I just take it as a lesson". Understood. That's the politically correct answer. But I don't do well with politically correct. I'm all about being transparent. So can we be honest here for a second. This is the place to be honest, no judgement. 

What do you regret?


I'll go first since this is my question. I regret:

1. Not listening to my mom when it came to boys. 

-My mom always said they were knuckleheads and a lot of them won't have your best interest at heart. Boy was she right (see that there LOL). I wasted a lot of energy and love on the wrong people who only wanted one thing. We adults know what that is. I wasted so much time trying to be grown as a teenager, I gave away my most precious gift and power. But hey in life we live and we learn. Now I have more confidence in knowing I have more to offer, and he better too.


2. I should've stayed an independent woman and finished college

- This is what I mean. Since getting my first job at 18 I was always responsible for my own. I saved up, picked up more hours, in order to buy my first car cash. I even was responsible for helping with some of the bills in my mama house. That is something I don't personally agree with unless we all in dire need but hey. Any who, I didn't really have to rely on people for much and if I needed it it was because I was really in a bind. My family knows this.

So when I got pregnant at 22, everything changed. I had just got a certification, was working a decent job making more money, no more working 2 jobs. Being pregnant I was so sick it was hard to get out of bed, I was constantly throwing up till I had nothing left. I ended up getting let go from that job and things just went from bad to worse. No longer was I able to work enough to pay enough of my own way. I had to rely on someone else to carry the weight. And boy did this lead to a lot of arguments. 


Did you know the top reason for divorce is Financial related?


I seen why; but again you live and you learn. After 5 years things are finally taking a turn for the better. 

I'm back in school, with a different major, and it's going good. Finishing school will take so much pressure off. I'll be accomplishing something no one in my family has. 


3. I should have waited until I got my life and my mind together before having children.

-Don't get me wrong, everything happens for a reason and my children have had a huge impact on my life. Life would be nothing, meaningless without them. I'm just saying that trying to get your life together financially and so forth with children is hard. Like really hard. And then throw in self healing and working on personal development, whew chile help me. 

It is very little time left in the day after cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, carrying a baby, helping them when they're sick, taking them where they need to go. It's very little time left for me. So I see a slow gradual growth, whereas I feel if I was already equipped things may go a little smoother. 

My children are looking to me to be the backbone, the protector, the teacher, the role model, the all knowing. I'll have the driving force of influence of how they will turn out later in life. Yes we all eventually make our own decisions but environment plays a huge role on a person's outlook on, everything. 

I want to lead them right. I want them to have and be everything I'm not/I don't. That all starts in the mind. The mind drives our decisions and perspective. Open your mind to see all sides, to see farther than the horizon. 



We all have things we wish we had done differently. Whether you call them regrets or just lessons, they are there. There's no escaping them. Now what are you going to do different? 

What have you learned?

Share your story in the comments, I love hearing them. As always Be You Confidently.



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